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News // 18.02.2019

First Nacaps Survey in February 2019

The first Nacaps survey will start on 18 Februar 2019. All doctoral candidates at Nacaps-Partner-HEIs will recieve an email including a link that leads to the online-survey. Attractive prizes will be drawn among all participants.

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News // 15.02.2019

Nacaps on Twitter now

"Nacaps_Panel" on Twitter keeps you updated about various activites of Nacaps, recently published research data and news about early stage researchers.

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News // 15.02.2019

More than 50 Nacaps Partner HEIs

Over 50 HEIs have announced their cooperation with the Nacaps Project

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The Study

Nacaps is the first study to systematically collect comprehensive data on the careers of doctoral candidates and doctorate holders in Germany. Find out more about the topics covered by Nacaps and the study design:


We ask questions.
The topics and research issues addressed by Nacaps were developed on the basis of a wide set of theoretical approaches. Our research also includes the information that HEIs require for their quality assurance.

Study Design

We collect data.
Find out more about Nacaps’ target groups, panel design and questionnaire development.

Data Use

We share our data.
We provide a range of access paths to the data for researchers, HEIs and those interested in higher education policy.