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Neue Befragung Promovierender startet im Februar

New Survey starts in February

On 27 February 2023 the DZHW jointly with a network of German Partner-HEI´s invites doctoral candidates to participate in the langitudinal study Nacaps.

Nacaps generates versatile research data on the study conditions for doctorates, career aims and professional development, as well as on the general life situation of doctoral candidates and doctorate holders in Germany. The first results of the study are accessible via a data portal: nacaps-datenportal.de.

The study results will be

  • made available to Nacaps’ partner HEIs for monitoring, controlling and quality management via our data portal
  • prepared for the expert public and decision makers in higher education and science policy in the form of reports, as a basis for evidence-based monitoring of young researchers
  • made available to the scientific community for research purposes via the DZHW Research Data Centre (FDZ) in the form of anonymised data sets (scientific use files).
  • Your participation will influence future decisions, which are relevant for early career researchers.

    Take Part!

    By the end of February 2023 we will invite every doctoral candidate who has been registered after 1 December 2020. You will receive a link via email that grants you access to take part in the online survey. We would like to encourage you to take part!

    Even if you feel that you did not follow the usual path to, or during your doctoral studies, your participation is very important because only with a wide range of respondents can we gain a full picture of the doctorate landscape. This also applies if you discontinue your doctorate in the meantime or if you only came to Germany for your doctorate or if you intend to leave Germany after completing your doctorate.

    Scientific research, HEIs and educational policy will benefit from this information – and so will you yourself as a doctoral candidate!

    Further information can be found here.

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