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Über 50 Hochschulen kooperieren mit Nacaps

More than 50 Nacaps Partner HEIs

Over 50 HEIs have announced their cooperation with the Nacaps Project

More than 50 HEIs, including the TU Munich, the University of Mainz, the University of Kassel, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Freie Universität Berlin, the University of Magdeburg, the University of Kiel and many more universities and HEI from all parts of Germany have announced their cooperation with the Nacaps study over the last months. Further HEI are in the process of finalizing the cooperation agreement, this includes universities from North-Rhine-Westphalia which are not included on this list so far. About twenty more HEI have shown interest in a cooperation so we are in good spirits in the light of these numbers. High participation rates not only reflect the high interest towards the Nacaps study but also ensure highly reliable and representative results about the state of young researcher support and determinants of success, intended & actual career paths, as well as the general conditions under which young researchers live and work in Germany. A comprehensive list of all cooperating universities can be found here: Partner Only registered doctoral candidates of the cooperating HEI will have the chance to participate in our study. They will be send a survey invitation mid-February

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